all mouth, no trousers (princessbunny) wrote,
all mouth, no trousers

Saturday Picture Post: Kindermusik Edition

Cash didn't think much of Kindermusik, really

The girls in the red dresses are a 2 year old older sister to 1 year old twins. They're 10 months apart. Their mommy is busy.


I'm too tough for Kindermusik

Too old to be fooled by sock puppet

I like pretty girls though, so I'll hang out

Is it naptime yet?

I'll just get more comfy here...

Wait! What are all these kids doing in my bed?

I'm a spooky red ghost. See how scared mamma is?

Maybe I do it wrong.

There, now is scary?

No, but funny

DOlphin my love, we have been apart too long!


I is great chess master

Will conquer horses and prawns and stuff


Checkers easier

More like cookies too

And how we end the night :)
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