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Boy howdy, Cash cutting back on naps has severely cut into my ability to write posts. If I don't do them during the day and just finish at night, they don't get done because by the time he goes to bed it's after 10 and I have too much to catch up on reading to write anything.

Anyone watching the new Survivor?

When does Lost start again?

I love how when Cash & I go outside in the evenings now, he looks up and says "MOOOOON!" then jumps up to try to catch it. Complete with UNGH sound effects. Watching him last night, I got all teary eyed hoping that he never stops believing he can.

He has continued to put the terrible in terrible 2s this week, though not as bad as last week. Thankfully, we have a pretty low key week planned and nowhere we have to be, so it's enabling me to work with him and his moody moods.

We went to Destin saturday, to try to have a nice family day after a rough week. I made the error of promising him a train ride before we got there and found out the train wasn't running due to a car show. Ooops. That kind set the tone, he kept asking for a train, and I kept not delivering. He wasn't thrilled, even when we showed him the fountains he could play in!

We had a gift card for Build a Bear but we couldn't get him interested. He liked one already built dog that had on roller skates, but when i asked him if he waned one like that for himself he said no. Then he crawled under a table and pretty much wanted to hang out there.

We did finally get him into the fountain and he enjoyed that to an extent, but then there was a tantrum involving a water bottle and he had to cut our trip short.

We did stop at PF Chang's for a take out dinner though. Mmmmmmmm!

Saturday evening, after Cash woke up from his nap in a better mood, we really did have a nice time around the house watching football. Cash even said "football" for the first time.

Sunday we went to church and Books a Million for Thomas, I made turkey burger patty melts for dinner, we watched more football and I cursed Drew Brees, my normally totally reliable for a gaxillion points fantasy QB who did NOTHING somehow in a game where they won, scoring 27 points. How he only got 15 points from that I don't know, but I am not happy. I went from 1st place to 5th on the back of that. Thanks Drew!

I've been setting my kitchen timer in the morning and spending 30 minutes on one room of the house every day. It is really make a big difference.

We had a circus themed party here monday, only about 12 kids because lots of people are sick. It was a great time though, everyone had fun and Cash found a 4 year old girl who would play his favorite game with him "chase me and tickle me, please pretty girl" on the trampoline. He liked that.

After the party, he had to sit around naked watching cartoons for a while because that is pretty much what he wants to do after parties here. I don't know why, but it's cute.

Today the big highlight was feeding goats.

Also he pedaled his own tricycle all the way up the block with no help from me. Big boy! Handsome too, no?

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