all mouth, no trousers (princessbunny) wrote,
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line up, put your kisses down

We went to Gulf World today! We tried taking Cash last year, but he didn't really get that much out of it. He enjoyed it a lot more this time, plus it was half off for locals and he's free, so it was only $12. Well worth it.

He's enjoying it more than he appears to be here! He just wanted to turn his head to face the sea lion, and I didn't think he'd like a big whiskery, fishy kiss on the lips, so I was trying to keep his face to the camera. And I had to keep his arms down when he wanted to give it a hug too, so I was kind of wresting with him the whole time. But overall he was tickled, he keeps wanting to see the picture and make kissy noises at it.

Like mother, like son!

He loved the dolphin show, he laughed and laughed whenever they jumped out of the water. Though after the "ball on nose" trick, he spent the rest of the show saying "BALL? BALLLLL! BAAAAAALLL!!!! BAALLLLLLLL??!" so I guess he thought that was the best bit.

He was face to window watching the sharks when one of them came up and banged his mouth against the window. Cash was startled and jumped but then he left and started making kissy noises back at the shark. It was cute. He loved the sea turtles, he kept saying "Too-Wah! BIG Too-Wah!"

I think we'll go back before the locals promotion ends.

As a bonus, he actually took a nice long nap too. Only his second of the week.

Yeah, he pretty much has been on a nap strike. He took one for an hour on sunday, then didn't have one monday, tuesday or wednesday. Tuesday especially was rough, I didn't get enough sleep, I was so tired and then I had to work wrangling two year olds for three hours. After work, Cash & I walked down to a burger/sandwich restaurant a few blocks away. We sat on the patio so he could run around, and I figured with the walk and a big lunch (he ate a a whole grown up sized gourmet grilled cheese) and a walk back, he'd be out like a light. No such luck.

And he woke up while I was writing this, so I had to make our breakfast for dinner crepes that is our traditional meal when Sean has a night dive. It was a fun evening, but I am tired tired.

Cash is coming up with new words all the time now, my favorite being "PEASE" for please. I will do just about anything when he asks with a "PEASE?"

Also now says car, ice, card, keys, push, pull, yeah, reads all his numbers and 2/3 of the letters in the alphabet. Read me all the letters off the PLEASE ASK FOR ASSISTANCE sign on the WalMart lobster tank the other day.

Sure do love that baby!

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