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i met this girl and called her ma, i called her everything

Well, I meant to post this last night, but Cash stayed up so late that I was wrecked by the time he fell asleep & totally forgot.

I was really happy with the results of Hell's Kitchen. Overall, I found it a very enjoyable season.

So far SYTYCD is shaping up pretty good! I like how they are making a concerted effort this season to be sure we see everyone in the top 20 before they get there, so it's not like in the past where they announce people in the top 20 who we have never clapped eyes on before.

I had a dvr Toddlers & Tiaras marathon while Cash was napping today. I'm not allowed to watch it when Sean's home, he thinks it's totally disgusting. I agree, but I'm drawn to the train wreck.

I told my DVR to stop recording Glee.

I have been nauseated for the last 2 weeks, almost non-stop. In the afternoons I usually get a break for a few hours. I can't eat much. Whenever something sounds good to me, I eat it, because it happens so rarely. I had spicy pickles and white rice with butter for lunch.

The smell of cooking meat absolutely destroys me. I am fixing to buy Sean a hibachi and make him cook outside.

So in the evening after our trip to Destin Commons a few weeks ago, I had Cash give Sean the book I posted the picture of with the pregnancy tests taped inside. Sean looked at the cover as Cash gave it to him and said "What's this buddy? I'm a big brother...? What the...?" and then he flipped open the cover to see why it was all propped open and saw all the tests. He was happy!

Cash is happy too, if you ask him if he wants to be a big brother or if he wants a baby he says "YYYYY-EAH!" He says he'd like a girl. Or a boy. He's not picky.

We're going bowling tomorrow! Love toddler bowling.

ETA: We had a great time, he bowled a respectable 76. He also won 678 tickets in the arcade! We had a good old time picking out toys, though his wooden train whistle sucks, even blowing as hard as I can I can't hardly get a noise out of it.

Cash stayed at Tyler's house monday while I had my ultrasound, and he did so good! Aside from church, that is the first time he's stayed with anyone aside from daddy for over a year. And he didn't whine or cry once. He asked for me at one point & Ashley told him I'd be back soon and asked why he didn't go play with Tyler's trains. So he did. Easy as pie. I was gone for 2 hours and he didn't fuss at all, ate lunch with Tyler and everything. I was as happy about that as I was about having a healthy bean with heartbeat.

Obviously he helped that he had Yi-yi-yi with him, and that Tyler has trains.

When he sees Tyler, he makes this face

He really really wants to carry the baby

He's showing how big and strong he is. He knows he can do it!


Wheeeee goats!

Or...telephone poles

Cash makes the silliest faces

I'm not sure what is going on here

I think this goat is trying to eat my shirt

Telling us all that the goats are eating.

Goats are funny

Big weird shaggy goat!

I don't know what to think about this guy

The long good bye

Stop fiddling with that bag and hug me!

Big hug!

Bye bye baby!

All alone. Bummer.

This week has been rough, Sean has been working weird hours and coming home late, so Cash hasn't seen enough of him or vice versa and it bums them both out. I'm so sick and tired all the time, I feel like a terrible mommy because I'm not up to running around outside and jumping on the trampoline and all. Cash has been fairly patient with me, all things considered.

I'm hoping we'll make it to Amy's farm this weekend so Mr B can have some horsie rides!
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