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oh, not so much lethargic, as so much uninterested

I recently saw mention of a child named Ryily. Pronouced Riley. Oy.

Still feeling miserable and exhausted all the time. I've only thrown up four times (two of them last night) but I am pretty much non-stop nauseated. And sooo tired, all the time.

Cash got a haircut yesterday, he looks fabulous

Yesterday Rachel came over to cut his hair & then we had more friends over for a spooky cookie decorating party which was a blast. I made sugar cookies and provided orange and black frosting and little sugar pumpkins, bats, spooky sprinkles, etc... and let the kids go to town.

We had soooooo much fun today! We went to this place:

All the staff were so nice and they had tons of little kid games. Cash ended up with over 1000 tickets! He saw a train he wanted in the prize case right when we got there & it was 725, so I told him we had a lot of work to do. He went to one machine (they have like a toddler sized basketball hoops shooting game, which is GREAT, Cash always wants to play the big ones) and won 5 tickets then ran back to the case for the train. Ha ha! When we had a ton of tickets, I figured it was enough and put them in the machine to count them, but we were 45 short.

So while Cash fooled around on the merry go round with his friend Reyna I went back to the ball dropper machine and spent $2 in it until I hit the 75 ticket jackpot and Cash could get his train. Then while we were having fries & a hot dog for Cash & ice cream (their food & ice cream is super yummy, they have diner type breakfast stuff too which totally made me want some) some lady handed me & Shaina, Reyna's mom, a bunch of tickets, so we split them up and then I had to use up $3 more of tokens and ended up getting a ton out of the wheel of fortune. So all in all Cash got loads of prizes, though he really only cares about his train.

They do birthday parties there for really reasonable, for $70 you get food, drink, cake & ice cream for 7 kids and 70 tokens. I might do that next year for Cash!

It was really fun but exhausting running around after him, I was ready for a nap! Unfortunately Cash was not. He waned to stay up and play with his train.

At least he was entertained enough that I could relax through the afternoon.

Aside from a sub-par pumpkin scone from Starbucks and some french fries at the arcade, I hadn't been able to stomach any food all day. They they mentioned pizza on Survivor and that was all I could think about.

I ended up ordering a brooklyn style from Domino's at 7:30 and by 8:10 3 pieces of it were in my tummy. I don't feel great after that. but it's going to stay down so there's that.

Cash is showing off his trampoline to pretty Chloe

She likes it

He likes it too

I could watch Cash & Tyler play together all day long

Where Yi-yi-yi go?

Don't worry lil guy, we'll see Yi-yi tomorrow.

He gets there's a baby in my tummy but he doesn't get why it's not here to play with yet. 7 months means nothing to him, he wants to bring all the baby things in from the shed now.
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