23:27pm 24 September 2009
  Cash has been sick with a cold since tuesday and in whiny miserable terrible-twos/tantrum throwing/ignoring me/being deliberately willful (like I tell him to stop kicking me, so he kicks me again) mode since then as well. This obviously does not do me any good. And coming home from a crappy long day at work to that sort of child and stressed out apparently ineffectual mom doesn't do Sean any good either. Which is how we ended up having an utterly miserable heartbreaking fight tonight & now I don't even know if we're going on our "supposed to be my for birthday/first date we've had since 2007" lunch & shopping trip saturday because I don't really think either of us feels like celebrating anything at the moment.

Anyhow, one of the things I have committed to doing to try to address the problems & issues that were brought up is to spending less time online. I basically am only going to be online, save brief morning email checks, when cash is asleep. So, if you don't see me as frequently as you're used to, that's why.
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a phonebook full of accidents, a girl to drive your car    
23:33pm 21 September 2009
mood: exhausted
On saturday when I was backing out of the driveway. Cash said "Mamma! Mamma! Mamma!" I looked back at him and he clasped his hands to his chest then held his arms out to me in a big dramatic gesture. I said "What's that?" and he did it again with a big smile. I said "Are you trying to say you love me?" and he nodded yes real big, then did the gesture again.

So when we got home later, I said "Cash, how do you say 'I love you'?" and instead of doing the sign he just tackled-hugged me. Then I said "Can you tell daddy you love him?" and he gave Sean a great flying tackle-hug. So we kept doing that saturday and sunday because it was cute.

Last night at bedtime I said "How do you tell mamma you love her?" and he flung himself at me in a huge hug and said "LUB!" I said "What? Did you say LOVE?" and he squeezed me harder and said "LUB!" I said "Can you tell daddy you love him?" and he turned around and grabbed Sean around the middle and said "LUB!"

And he's been doing it all day today. I have been waiting for this for sooooo long!

There's 7 nights in the week, why do three things I want to DVR have to be on at the same time?

I need to figure out how to arrange the two DVRs to get 90210, SYTYCD and The Biggest Loser every week. And maybe Melrose Place, if it's worth watching.

Sean has banned me from watching Toddlers & Tiaras when he's home. He thinks it's the most repulsive show he's ever seen, he says it makes his blood pressure go through the roof wanting to throttle these awful stage moms.

a suit to wear on mondays and a coat, a magazineCollapse )
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Saturday Picture Post: Grapy's Motorcycle edition    
22:22pm 19 September 2009
  Oh my...what have we here?

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a visit from your doctor, he crawls in through the door    
23:03pm 17 September 2009
mood: congested
My camera is broken, it's awful. I feel like I'm missing an appendage. I hate missing so many cute things in Cash's life every day!

I was trying to find a place to send it for repair, but Sean said based on the estimates I have been getting he'd rather get me a new camera as a birthday gift. Well...twist my arm!

I have a $50 American Eagle birthday card to use, but if I get the 4 things I want it's $67. But if I take the one thing I can live without off it's $48.

I heard a story on the NPR how like the few cents to few dollars that people leave over on gift cards and never use added up to like 3.2 billion dollars in free money for stores last year. I hate to contribute.

What I don't hate is Glee! I love Glee.

I tell you what I am also just loving the #Up series. We have two more to go, I can't wait to finish. Then we'll have to be patient until 2013 for 56 Up.

As a parent of a very young child it's more amazing to me the ways in which the children do not change than the ways in which they do.

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there's no mistake, i smell that smell    
23:23pm 15 September 2009
mood: peaceful
I have decided sourdough toast with honey butter and a little cayenne pepper is the perfect treat.

So I have watched every week of More to Love for lack of anything better to watch and yet I still was pretty much uninterested and couldn't have told you the names of any of the remaining girls that were in the finale before it started. I was just glad they got rid of Miss Waterworks last week, she was worse than Mary on Age of Love! Do you think they'll do this show again? It doesn't really seem to have caught on.

Cash can say "COLD" now but if you ask him to say hot he just makes blowing noises.

We had 12 two year olds in class this morning, boy do they fill up a room! It's funny how 12 little kids seem the same as 30 grown ups. I guess because they have as much energy as 30 grown ups!

It's also funny how lines of masking tape in the floor can amuse toddlers bored with a room full of toys.

This evening after dinner Cash and I went for a walk down the street. Cash suddenly gasped excitedly, pointed and said "TWO!" I looked up to see a pair of fighter jets flying over. "That's right! Two ...what are those?" I asked, expecting him to say "PLANE". He watched them fly side by side for a moment and then signed "FRIENDS".

He's such a sweetheart.

it's that time of year again, i can taste the airCollapse )
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Sunday Picture Post: Baby in the Wild Woods edition    
15:55pm 13 September 2009
  I realize I have been neglecting LJ terribly, but I have been deathly ill since thursday night & am just now starting to almost feel human again.

So let's look at my cute child, shall we?

Setting off on an expedition

what will he see?Collapse )
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outside it's summer, indoors it's cool    
23:33pm 09 September 2009
mood: tired
My baby is so sweet.

He has started singing me a bedtime song when I am snuggling him as he goes to sleep. He sings these gurgly gargly nonsense words like GLUB GGGGGLEEEE GRRRRRR GOOOOOO BLAAAAAAAAHHHH GLAAAAAAAAAAW GOOOOOO while he hugs my neck and rocks back and forth, occasionally stopping to kiss me. It's just too adorable for words. Which I guess is why he's not using them, ha ha.

Sunday at church, I worked in his sunday school room with two other ladies. One of them was an older woman who was pretty strict with the kids, not mean but just being really demanding of them considering they were young 2 year olds. She was making each child say a word from the story of the day before she gave them their snack & I was worried that when she got to Cash he wouldn't say anything. He's not just one to spit out a new word when asked to repeat it, especially for a stranger. One holding food he wants, no less.

She got to him and said "Cash, can you say BIBLE?" He looked thoughtful for a moment, then his face lit up, he started to wave bye-bye frantically and said "BULL!"

I cracked up. And she gave him his cheerios.

it's just after three pm, i see kids leaving schoolCollapse )
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Saturday Picture Post:Mr B loves Lilli Edition    
23:13pm 05 September 2009
  Did you know I have a pretty lady friend who is 5?

she's right over thereCollapse )
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and it's written all over the face of the daughter    
23:23pm 03 September 2009
mood: cheerful
My grandfather turned 90 today. He is still healthy, just old, frail and hard of hearing. I feel sad for him, he's outlived his siblings, his friends, his wife, one of his two daughters...he's just depressed and waiting to die. I wish we could have gone to Miami to see him, I mean he's turning NINETY. But we just couldn't afford it.

Did I mention I love Glee? I love Glee. Can't wait for next week.

Does Mandy cry every week on More to Love? Has there been any episode in the last month that she hasn't cried?

So tonight in water aerobics, we did a kind of relay with the pool noodles, where when it was your turn, you came up with some move for you & your partner to do. Like she threw the noodle to me and I said "Hold on, I'll pull you" then she threw it to Sarah and she said "Take the other end and we'll spin around". One set of partners are a husband and wife in their late 50s and when the noodle came to the husband, he held it up vertically and said "I'll hold it, you pole dance." Ha ha ha!

My child won 914 tickets at the arcade today. 914! I have never won so many tickets in my life as that. He's only 2! He hit a 500 ticket jackpot on this one game, with absolutely no help from me.

Then as we were trying to decide what to get, this older teen couple (like 18 or 19ish) asked if he wanted their tickets. Wasn't that nice? So he got 500 more. With such riches, he ended up getting a helicopter that flies, a matchbox car, a rainbow slinky, a bouncy ball, and 3 tootsie rolls. Quite a haul.

of the mayor of marble fallsCollapse )
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23:33pm 02 September 2009
  I was going to post about my fun Mom's Night Out last night (though not as fun as some of the moms, I went home at 7:45, two of them stayed out until 2 am!!!!! Wild mammas!) but I have a crisis of my own making to deal with & I'm too rattled to rabbit on about my days. Nothing serious, I just overshared on Facebook, forgetting my MiL was on there :/

But here's a picture of me before I headed out last night

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got a line straight from my heart, was a time it ran to you    
23:53pm 31 August 2009
mood: nervous
I've switched from being hooked on Farkle on Facebook to being hooked on Yacht. It's harder, but I feel more challenged because of that.

So, Sean was looking at a used Subaru online at http://www.hondaofpanamacity.com/ right? He called them up to ask about it (not mentioning that he'd seen it online) & they said it was over being detailed at the moment. He said he was interested and that he planned to come over later in the day to have a look. When he got there, he saw it sitting front and center, absolutely filthy inside & out and a price stuck on it of $3000 more than the internet price, marked down to $2000 more. So basically after Sean called, they hustled it back from the detail shop, filthy & un-detailed, and slapped a higher price on it because they thought some schmuck was coming to see it and they could "bargain down" to the the price they're already asking for it. Then they claimed that wasn't the case at all, that someone else was interested and coming to look at it. Sean said "Great, tell him he can f*ing have it" and walked off the lot. Good job there, Honda.

I went to the convenience store for coffee saturday morning and saw a display of limited edition Coconut M&Ms. Cash loves coconut lollipops and popsicles, I love coconut in general and we both love M&Ms so I thought I'd give them a go. We broke them out during the football tonight & WOW WOW they are delicious! They taste like candy coated Mounds, but don't have a coconut texture in them.

Even Sean liked them, and he's not a huge coconut fan. We're definitely getting more of those to have on hand for special treats.

another place where we were smart, before the flood and time was throughCollapse )
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Saturday Picture Post: Swimmy Swimmy Edition    
18:18pm 29 August 2009
  Swim lessons

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rain's gonna come in fair size drips    
23:53pm 28 August 2009
mood: anxious
My MiL is having trouble with Facebook etiquette. It's kind of funny.

Have y'all seen the S'Mores Goldfish? They are the new most popular snack in our house, they're so good! The bag comes with chocolate goldfish, graham cracker goldfish & little Lucky Charms style goldfish marshmallows. Cash thinks they are just the bee's knees, and Sean and I actually really like them too. Yummy!

Also a new thai restaurant opened near here, and that's yummy too. Cash likes shrimp pad thai, as it turns out.

Did I mention the child ate TWELVE fish sticks for dinner the other night? And some asparagus too? He is so going to eat us out of house and home when he's a teenager.

we're gonna go to heaven wearing paper hat shipsCollapse )
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let's get ready & steady, GO    
21:01pm 26 August 2009
mood: congested
Sean went off to Alabama yesterday to get a new car, but the financing didn't work out, so he's on his way home and going back to try again next week.

Though it's going to be frustrating if we go through all this hullabaloo to get him a new vehicle and then he doesn't get the job in FWB! THey sure are taking their sweet time about it, but that's the government for you.

My poor child had got another sty on his right eye. This is the 6th one he's had! The pediatrician and dermatologist say there's nothing that can be done to prevent them, but I wish I could. They don't seem to bother him, but they just look awful.

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falling in love for me is a form of insanity    
23:23pm 24 August 2009
mood: lethargic
Sean watched Watchmen this weekend. I watched the first 30 minutes with him and decided that was plenty, thanks. He finished it (all 3 hours) and deeply wished he hadn't wasted his time. That movie is a total pile of p00p.

We're working our way through the # Up series now.

Today we had a pajama party here to benefit the Great Sprout Tuck-In. It was so fun, the kids all wore their PJs, we had star cookies and Rice Krispie treat moons, we colored pajama pictures and played outside, and everyone brought some new pajamas and a book to donate to kids in foster care. Plus right now Sprout is matching donations, so we actually did double the good.

It's never too young to start teaching one's children about giving to those less fortunate.

falling, falling, falling, fallingCollapse )
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Sunday Picture Post: Backyard Fun edition    
16:30pm 23 August 2009
  Not a bad ol' life, hey Mr B?

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!Collapse )
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and there's a perfect kiss somewhere out in the dark    
23:13pm 20 August 2009
mood: pleased
Cash is making lots of two word phrases all of the sudden. Last night he said "UP! BOOK! UP! BOOK!" so I would lift him to the bookshelf over his bead to get a bunny book.

And today when we wee leaving BaM with Ashley and crew, he said "Yi-yi-yi! Hand! Yi-yi-yi-yi! Hand!" because he wanted Tyler to hold his hand when they walked out. SO sweet!

I got my fingerprints done today at last, and Cash was playing with the water fountain in the sheriff's office. It was just the right height that he could push the button and drink out of it if he stood on his tiptoes and leaned in just right. But he kept missing by a little and was cracking me up by telling me each time what he'd gotten wet. EYE! EAR! CHIN! SHIRT!

Speaking of, he made me change his shirt this morning, when we were fixing to leave he decided he didn't like the one he had on and started tugging at it going SHIRT SHIRT SHIRT until I got him a new one. It's funny, the only articles of clothing he can say are SHIRT and SHORTS because what else does he wear?

Then tonight he lined up all his foam bath numbers on the floor, in the correct order from 0 to 9. Twice. He was fired up about there being no 10 though, so I used the I and O from the foam alphabet to make him one.

He's a smartypants.

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there's no sign of life, it's just the power to charm    
22:25pm 19 August 2009
mood: mild tummyache
So ladycaliope needs to be congratulated on her newest addition, and I hear rumors that nat needs to be congratulated on a big event too, but that's unsubstantiated.

Cash heard Let's Dance in the car today and sang along a little "SHOOOOO-SHOOCE! BLOOOOOO!"

He's also just learned the use of "too" to mean also, he says "Mamma toooooo!" if he wants me to do something with him.

Okay, so even though Sean was mad at me for it, I watched part of the Octomom thing. Am I wrong for thinking she came off as much nicer and more normal than I was expecting?

I have been watching More to Love. I don't love it, but there's also not that much on right now. Is anyone else watching it? Just in case


I was SO GLAD that one evil girl, Lauren, who talks nasty about everyone got sent hone. She was obnoxious, if I'd been the guy, I would have sent her home after the first time she was all "So and so is old enough to be your MOM and so and so doesn't want kids" etc... who wants to be married to a mean spirited hag like that? Seriously?

End Spoiler

Now I'm watching Toddlers & Tiaras because I love to hate it.

i'm lying in the rainCollapse )
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Sick sick sick sick sick.    
23:13pm 17 August 2009
mood: poorly
I HATE being sick!

We've all got something, Sean started to feel bad saturday night, he had a splitting headache with nausea and light sensitivity, then he had the chills real bad in the night and just felt miserable. Cash & I left him in bed and went to church where after a while I started to feel really nauseated too.

I took Mr B to McDonald's after church and was doing okay until I shared his cheeseburger with him. After that, when I stood up, I just felt horrible and wanted to go home so I could throw up.

I pretty much did just that for the rest of the day. Sean was still feeling terrible, but we were hoping it was maybe food poisoning from the hot wings we'd had on saturday night, because if it was contagious, it'd break our hearts if Cash got sick too.

Sure enough, around 2 am, I was zonked out (thanks to a phenergan) and heard a terrible wail from Cash's room. When I got in there, he had barfed all over his bed and was terrified, having never thrown up before. Poor baby :(

I held him and told him he was going to be okay while I wiped his face and gave him some water, then roused Sean to come help me strip the bed.


that's pretty much all i got, bring on the picturesCollapse )
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Saturday Picture Post: Yi-yi-yi Edition    
23:13pm 15 August 2009
  In honor of how much time we spent with Cash's pal Tyler this week, here's a HUGE picture post of the two of them being adorable BFFs at Pier Park

Dancing at Hoffbrau

yi-yi-yi!Collapse )
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