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now he can do this, do you think that you could?

Figures, I actually wrote this post last night & LJ was down!

I really need to get my child a punching bag. He gets so frustrated so easily right now, maybe if he had something he was encouraged to hit, he could work some of that out.

I have no idea what he is going to be for Halloween. He is so not into dressing up, he just doesn't want to wear anything that's not his normal clothes. I saw this & thought he might wear it because it's Thomas and not really going to impede his movement

It's actually much shorter than it looks, it only went a bit below Cash's waist. It really was just like a vest. They had it at Toys R Us yesterday, and he liked it, so I put it on him. After about two minutes he started pulling at it and shaking his head no. It's made of foam so it's kind of stiff and the collar probably wasn't very comfy.

I am thinking maybe he can just wear a Thomas t-shirt and jeans and like...a bandana or something. He's just not a costume kind of guy. I can't even get him to keep a hat on for longer than a few seconds.

Actually I have a t-shirt from last year that he could wear, it's orange and says THIS IS MY COSTUME. Ha, that'd be about the right attitude for him.

He does like shoes though

Yesterday we did our usual Books a Million visit, he played nice with the other boy who was there when we arrived and then had the table to himself for about an hour after that, which is how he prefers it!

We went to the toy store instead of Petsmart because of the costume thing & also I wanted to see if there were any lights & sounds engines he doesn't have yet to add to his collection. But I guess he has them all. There's no Duke or Henry or Toby, all of whom he'd certainly like.

I made DIY chicken fajita hot pockets with a side of green beans for the boys' dinner and then went off to Pilates. Ooof I am paying for that today, my abs are killing me.

We watched some more of Dexter season 3 last night, I am especially liking this one.

Today Cash & I went to the mall, I had to drop off our steam cleaner for repairs at Sears and then we met Tyler, Ashley & baby Lily at the arcade. Cash and Tyler had a great game of air hockey, Cash is surprisingly good at it considering his age and inability to really understand the point. Tyler won 7 to 5.

Cash found a game he really loves, he can do everything himself from putting the coins in to pushing the button to make the ball drop to collecting the tickets, he just kept wanting to put more token in because it was so fun to him not to need my help for any part of it. He ended up making almost 200 tickets on that one alone, he hit a few 25 ticket jackpots and one 75 one. In the end he had 449 tickets which the guy rounded up to 450 which enabled him to get one great big bouncy ball filled with glittery pink liquid, two smaller bouncy balls, and a big flat swirly lollipop. WHich he dropped on the floor as soon as we left the arcade, but the owner was nice enough to give us a new one.

We had lunch in the food court, Cash had Sbarro pizza and Tyler had Chick-fil-A, Then I took them boys to ride the rides while Ashley went to feed Lily. They rode the car and the ice cream truck together, then took turns on the Noo-Noo.

I got Cash to leave pretty easily by offering him a trip to go see the trains. They run right by the mall and there's usually at least some cars sitting around. We actually lucked into watching one go across a crossing and then back up through it, so he got plenty of train time which made him happy. The engine even blew its horn at us.

He decided not to nap today, we're about 50/50 on naps these days which doesn't bode well for my future. I neeeed nap time!

Sean was supposed to work late but didn't, so it was a nice surprise to have him home early! We had popcorn shrimp and rice for dinner. I tried to get Cash to try brussels sprouts, I figured they look like balls, he might like them. But he was having none of it.

Sean was supposed to have to go out to Herbie tomorrow but now he's not going and still has the day off. So we might make another stab at Build a Bear and hope the train is running at the Commons this time!


Well we may not do that after all, it looks like rain. I'm hoping it'll clear up so we can go. I want to build a bear!
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