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there's a day of your life in your hands

I hate to say it, but I have almost lost interest in Glee. The last two episodes have alternated between boring and cringingly bad. I shouldn't be surprised, it's not like I'm not used to Ryan Murphy letting me down.

On the other hand, I've finally caught up on season 2 of 90120 and WOW! It's excellent, so far even better than last season. I love it! I tried to watch the new Melrose Place too, but found it too OTT to stomach. I stopped watching the original MP in the last few seasons because it just got too silly and it looks like the new one picks up where those left off.

Having a hard time getting into Survivor this season, but that's more my fault than the show's, I keep trying to watch it at times where it doesn't have my full attention.

Friday we did make it out to Destin for our family fun day. Though when we arrived we had a bit of a crisis as I realized I'd failed to bring Cash any shoes! He doesn't wear shoes at home, so I normally keep both pairs in the car. But we took Sean's car not mine. I went to get him out of the seat, saw his bare feet and realized what I'd done!

We had to go buy him a pair of shoes. Sean used the excuse to buy him some Chucks.

From there we went to Build a Bear where we let Cash choose everything himself. Which is how we have come to own a stuffed Black Lab wearing camo boxer briefs, black high tops & pink sparkly roller skates. His name is Common. I put a leash on his collar and Cash loves pulling him around on his skates.

Then he played in the fountains and we bought hot dogs from the weenie stand after he noticed the giant revolving hot dog on top ("BIG!!!"). Spent some time on the playground, where he apparently got bit by spiders or something, by the time we were ready to leave he had 3 huge red bites that he was scratching at :( Sean got a milkshake from Cold Stone for us to share and we headed home. It was a nice day.

Saturday morning we went for a drive and I did a quick mystery shop at a convenience store. Easy $9!

Cash's allergies were acting up, he was coughing a lot so we didn't want to take him to the Pumpkins in the Park as planned because we figured all the trees there wouldn't help him out any, plus everyone would be worried that he was coughing from something contagious. So we just played at home, had Wendy's for lunch and then he took a nap.

Saturday night after a lot of tricycle riding and trampoline jumping outside, we finished season 3 of Dexter, which was awesome.

Sunday I had training for a new position that I am adding to my work at church, in addition to my tuesday mornings I'll be doing a floor supervisor job one sunday a month. I'm excited about it, it doesn't add much to my paycheck but it does add more experience to my resume for the future and it lets me meet some more parents in my church who I don't know yet. I even got paid for training, which I wasn't expecting.

I'm so happy that I managed to find a part time job that I love, that totally suits my needs and the needs of my family. It may not pay much, but every little bit helps and I can take my child with me so there's no childcare costs or time spent away from him, and it's something I enjoy with all my heart. I'm truly blessed!

Today we had storytime at the Jr Museum which was a lot of fun, and Jessica was there with Drew & Anna Grace, which made both me and Cash happy! We haven't seen them in ages, they've been traveling and then sick and then traveling again. It was fun to catch up. We went to lunch after and the kids had a great time playing in the puddles the rain had left on the playground.

Tomorrow is a work day and then we have a lunch playdate at Nameka's after, so it's going to be jam packed with fun. And I hope Cash takes a nap because I'm going to need a rest after all that!

Cash & daddy playing RC Cars

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