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he used to do surgery on girls in the eighties

Still nauseated, still exhausted. I know I have been neglecting LJ horribly but between feeling rotten all the time and Cash giving up naps, I just can't sit here tip tapping away about all my minutiae anymore. I feel bad about it, especially for my own sake, I always love being able to go back and check what i was doing any given day.

Really my "morning" sickness is worst at night, so with Cash not napping, by the time he falls asleep, I feel utterly miserable and want to just go to bed myself. If he were sleeping during the day, I'd likely be better about writing.

We actually had a good weekend, I woke up saturday not nauseated & actually stayed that way until nightfall. So it was the best I'd felt in 3 weeks and we took advantage. I had a bacon egg & cheese breakfast from McD's that totally hit the spot. From there we headed to Pier Park for their Boo on the Beach event.

It was a hit, though Cash was less interested in the doggie costume contest than we thought we would be. Who needs doggies when there's a train and a carousel? He rode the train twice and the carousel 5 times. Would have ridden the train more but since they don't have an all you can ride pass for it like they do for the carousel, it was $9 for all 3 of us each time. Where $10 bought 2 all you can ride passes to ride the horsies and Sean and I just switched off going with Cash.

We also got jelly beans and saltwater taffy in the candy store and had a bit of a shop at Old Navy. ALl in all it was super fun. Capped it off with a drive through DQ on the way home for lunch. I had onion rings.

We spent the rest of the day watching football and playing with Cash. LSU sure had a good game.

Sunday was my first day flying solo as floor supervisor at church, except I turned out to have a helper after all, so it wasn't as overwhelming as it might have been. I got to use the walkie talkie a lot though, that was fun!

When we came out of church the festival of nations was going on right across the street, so we walked over there and hung out. Cash & I shared a funnel cake, which was his first and he is definitely a fan. What else he is a fan of, is bagpipes. There was a pipe and drum band playing and he was just mesmerized! He actually sat still for a good 15 minutes and would not be moved. Whenever they finished a song and people would clap, instead of clapping along as he normally would, he just cried "MORE! MORE! MORE!" It was funny, who knew?

He was pretty tired on our way back tot he car (we had walked an incredibly long way for his short little legs) so I had to carry him. Which pretty much blew out my lower back. Thank God I have a massage appointment on thursday, I need it desperately, I am in a lot of pain! 37 lbs of baby is a lot to carry on one hip for three long blocks.

He actually took a nap so Sean and I were able to chill and watch football. Wow, what a Saints game!!! Sean Peyton must give some killer half-time pep talks, I tell you what. That was quite a comeback. I love it!

Sean and I had kind of a fight in the evening, but it was resolved fairly easily. After Cash went to bed and we'd gone to bed, we somehow ended up singing a duet of Lionel Richie's "STuck On You" that was just the funniest thing ever. I was still laughing about it monday morning.

Monday we went to the punkin patch with a bunch of our playgroup friends. Cash and Tyler and his other friend Trey were more interested in the nearby ditch and some rocks and big sticks than they were in the pumpkins. THough Cash did find that if he jumped on the carpet of baby pumpkins spread out on the grass, they would roll out from under his feet and make him fall down. He found that hight amusing and did it quite a few times.

From there, we all took over the nearby McDonald's playland and hung out having mommy chat while the kids played for a good 90 minutes. It was super fun, perfect weather for it, all in all, a great morning out.

Cash had been awake since 6 so I thought surely he'd nap, but I thought wrong. He fell asleep in a matter of minutes at bedtime though, little guy was bushed!

Slept for 11 hours too! We were almost late to work today.

Here's a few of Cash's church girl friends

The usual suspects

Stealing Em's cheerios when she's not looking

He calls this one "Blue Steel"

Excuse me! The lady's out of cheerios!

Giggling together. So cute!

After MOPS we went to lunch with Semra & little Lily. Cash & I shared a slice of Derby Pie, since we'd eaten a big snack in class. Oooh it was some fine pie indeed.

Unfortunately, nothing I ate from then on out could measure up & I have spent most of tonight puking.

Though I did make time to watch SYTYCD. And that's what the rest of this will be about, so stop now if you don't care or don't want spoilers.

Sad about Billy Bell, I loved him. Think Mollee & Nathan's disco was best evar & that they are super cute. SO glad Russell is safe. Think Legacy's personality needs mending but there's no denying his talent. Hope Noelle's leg gets better. Thought Bianca & Victor's routine was amazing & I liked Ariana & Peter's a lot more than the judges did, obviously.

All in all, I am excited about this season, even though I am super sad about Mia, her dances were always some of my faves.
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