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i don't need a stranger to let me know my baby's let me down

Finally caught up on this season of Fringe. I just adore that show!

Nice tribal on Survivor last week.

I got another peek at baby Prizes on friday last, s/he has a heartrate of 175 (Cash's was never over 145) and likes Skynrd. S/he was all curled up until "Sweet Home Alabama came on the office PA, then s/he started to dance!

Back to us

Up until last week, Cash hasn't expressed a preference, but on wednesday he said he wanted the baby to be a girl. I think it's just because he likes Tyler's baby sister Lily so much.

Also before bed, he said BEE BEE! BEE BEE! and we were looking for his baby doll or a small version of a stuffed animal and then he said BEE BEE! again and lifted up my shirt to pat my belly. I guess he's got the idea at last.

Hey there cutie, I see you're trying to stand up!

Let me help, I've been standing up since before you were born

I can't look, I"m too nervous, is she doing it?

Look at me, I'm a good helper! What a nice big brother I will be!

Last thursday at WalMart we were passing the bakery section & Cash said "CAKE!" and pointed to an angel food cake. I thought that sounded good, so I tossed it in the cart.

When we got home, helped put away the groceries and then asked for cake. So we both had a huge hunk of it. I started to feel a little nauseated after, but that's my life these days, I didn't think anything of it.

About an hour later, he asked for more cake, so I gave him another good sized piece.

After dinner, he started crying and saying OW OW OW and holding his tummy. It felt all bloated and gassy, and I could hear gas moving around in there, so I tried massaging his belly & bending up his legs and stuff, all the tricks I used to use when he was a horribly gassy baby. I hadn't seen him suffer with gas pain like this since then, so I was really worried, especially when it went on for a good half hour. He just kept squirming and moaning and holding his tummy he would fart some, but it didn't seem to relieve any pressure. Finally this gunshot noise came out of him and then he made a massive runny poo that exploded out of his pull up.

I was trying to think what he could have eaten that would have caused that when my own stomach started to cramp up. Well, the only thing we ate in common today was that darn cake. But how could an angel food cake, which barely has anything in it, cause such intestinal woes?

So I went to the kitchen to read the ingredients and saw in small print under the ANGEL FOOD CAKE label, it said sugar free. Sure enough, I flipped the package over and the #2 ingredient is malitol, or sugar alcohol, that it says right there can "cause stomach discomfort if eaten in large quantities". I never buy sugar free things because of malitol, which I learned about the hard way in 2003, and sucralose, which makes me nauseated (which the cake also had in it).

I was so upset, I just never even thought to look at the label when I put it in the cart, it was clearly an angel food cake, right? Cash had a second round of pain and misery before bed & watching him suffer just killed me knowing it was my fault for not paying more attention. Especially when my stomach is still in horrible pain, so I know exactly how much he was hurting.

Thankfully he was able to poop again and fell asleep afterwards. I just suffered, gassy and in pain for almost 3 hours, even having taken 2 extra strength Gas-X. It was not fun.

So yeah. I feel pretty rotten about causing my poor baby to hurt so much

However, he seems to have recovered just fine.

They pretty much canceled tuesday down here for a "hurricane" that amounted to a rainstorm while we were sleeping monday night. I didn't get to go to work, which sucked because we also don't have work the tuesday before Thanksgiving, so that effectively halved my paycheck for November.

Tomorrow we are going to the fire station, Cash is going to flip his lid. He liked it when we went in the spring, but since then he's gotten a lot more interested in fire trucks and says "woooo woooo woooo wooo woooo!" at them whenever we drive by the station, so it is going to be a great morning.

Happy Veteran's day!
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