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Yeah, I have been an absentee LJ person. I read when I can (usually when Cash is sitting on my lap watching homemade Thomas videos on youtube, which he will gladly do for hours if I let him) but between Cash no longer napping and still being nauseated and exhausted and headachey at night...I just don't have the motivation to write a big post.

I'm having my cerclage surgery tomorrow, 4 weeks earlier than last time which will hopefully prevent total bedrest.

We went to Mississippi for Thanksgiving with MiL, who Cash has decided to call "Homer". It was nice, but the drive was miserable, Cash just hates long car trips. He is not into sitting still. We went to a buffet at the swanky Island View hotel for Thanksgiving which was delicious, and Cash got to have pizza and mac & cheese for his meal, plus all you an eat cookies, so he was happy.

We did have to watch Finding Nemo 500 times on the trip though because MiL only has 1 television, so Cash was in charge.

So that's pretty much what's up with me.

12 weeks with Cash vs. 12 weeks with Prizes

14 weeks with Cash vs. 14 weeks with Prizes

Cash likes to dump his toys out then get in this box and say he's a "too-ah" (turtle)

Going for a boat ride

Escorting his friend Lily to Petsmart

Little Anna Grace is telling Cash what for!

She thinks he is funny business
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