all mouth, no trousers (princessbunny) wrote,
all mouth, no trousers


Cash on Christmas eve in his new Thomas jammies with Toby the Tram engine. He was happy

By far his favorite present, the train table. We gave it to him last because we knew all other gifts would be forgotten once he saw it

We were right.

Christmas went well, MiL came to stay, Cash is still not 100% sure about her. She's not happy about it, but hey, he's 2. It's not surprising, given how rarely we see her.

Aside from his table and the related trains, Cash's best gift was some big boy Thomas underwear which have gone a long way toward potty training. He doesn't want to pee on any of his train friends!

My most recent belly picture at 16 weeks, with Cash in the left with Prizes on the right.

Big ultrasound on the 4th, still up in the air as to if we'll find out the gender or not. Sean is all for it, I still don't trust them.

Please go get your guess in before monday, in case we do! Go go now! We need more guesses!
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