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Okay, y'all, so I think of myself as forgiving and as someone who gives people the benefit of the doubt. To the point where my mother used to get angry at me for "taking back" friends in middle school/high school who had hurt me, because I always thought it wouldn't happen again.

Until it did.

As it turns out, she was right. I'm less forgiving than I am just plain stupid.

The day after I last posted, oddharmonic actually emailed me for the first time in a year. I was astonished. I was amazed. I was fool enough to be happy! She said if I could send her $20 for shipping, she would mail my quilt that saturday (March 27th) or she would mail it with her own money the first week of April.

Naturally I took choice number one. I even sent an extra $5 as a show of good faith.

Now, she was miffed that some people who read my last post had sent her some comment with obscenities & rudeness in them, and truthfully, I was too. I didn't want her getting attacked, I just wanted her to do the right thing. I told her I was sorry she'd been insulted and assured her that once I had a tracking number for my box, I would post that she had redeemed herself and how happy I was and that all was resolved.

I had visions of the box arriving at my door and just curling up under my mommy's quilt and crying with relief.

Except that never happened.

I am dumb enough that I really thought she'd do what she said! After all this time! The fact that she asked for money, which she never has done no matter how many times I offered, and accepted said money...I'm such an idiot I believed that meant she was going to follow through at long last. Because like I said, I give people the benefit of the doubt. Over and over again. Much to my detriment.

I guess taking my money and (more cruelly) holding out hope was punishment for posting about this & for having friends who sent her nastygrams, supposedly at my behest. That's all I can figure, since she's not speaking to me in any way. She posted about some current financial issues they were having and stated This makes me have little patience for people I don't know leaving condescending and/or rude comments because I am in the process of settling something with Their Online Friend. I'm pretty sure Jesus would not do that.

Then she banned me from leaving comments.

I don't call what she's doing "settling" something.

Instead she took my money, never sent it, and went right back to ignoring my emails and phone calls. When the first and second weeks of April passed and she still hadn't returned any emails, nor sent me a tracking number, I opened a Paypal dispute. Not as much to get my money back, but as a way to force her to communicate with me.

She didn't. I've since escalated it & I'm waiting for my refund. Which means nothing to me, I don't want my frickin' $25 back, I want my quilt.

Which I have now pretty much accepted that I'm never going to see again.

It makes me sad. And it makes me feel stupid that I actually thought otherwise for a while there :(

ETA I do realize that posting this where she can read it is fairly passive-aggressive, but it's not like she will acknowledge any other communication from me, including a paypal dispute, so what do I have to lose? At least y'all make me feel a little better by caring about what's happened & agreeing that it was very unkind and unjust.
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