he used to do surgery on girls in the eighties

Still nauseated, still exhausted. I know I have been neglecting LJ horribly but between feeling rotten all the time and Cash giving up naps, I just can't sit here tip tapping away about all my minutiae anymore. I feel bad about it, especially for my own sake, I always love being able to go back and check what i was doing any given day.

Really my "morning" sickness is worst at night, so with Cash not napping, by the time he falls asleep, I feel utterly miserable and want to just go to bed myself. If he were sleeping during the day, I'd likely be better about writing.

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oh, not so much lethargic, as so much uninterested

I recently saw mention of a child named Ryily. Pronouced Riley. Oy.

Still feeling miserable and exhausted all the time. I've only thrown up four times (two of them last night) but I am pretty much non-stop nauseated. And sooo tired, all the time.

Cash got a haircut yesterday, he looks fabulous

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i met this girl and called her ma, i called her everything

Well, I meant to post this last night, but Cash stayed up so late that I was wrecked by the time he fell asleep & totally forgot.

I was really happy with the results of Hell's Kitchen. Overall, I found it a very enjoyable season.

So far SYTYCD is shaping up pretty good! I like how they are making a concerted effort this season to be sure we see everyone in the top 20 before they get there, so it's not like in the past where they announce people in the top 20 who we have never clapped eyes on before.

I had a dvr Toddlers & Tiaras marathon while Cash was napping today. I'm not allowed to watch it when Sean's home, he thinks it's totally disgusting. I agree, but I'm drawn to the train wreck.

I told my DVR to stop recording Glee.

I have been nauseated for the last 2 weeks, almost non-stop. In the afternoons I usually get a break for a few hours. I can't eat much. Whenever something sounds good to me, I eat it, because it happens so rarely. I had spicy pickles and white rice with butter for lunch.

The smell of cooking meat absolutely destroys me. I am fixing to buy Sean a hibachi and make him cook outside.

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line up, put your kisses down

We went to Gulf World today! We tried taking Cash last year, but he didn't really get that much out of it. He enjoyed it a lot more this time, plus it was half off for locals and he's free, so it was only $12. Well worth it.

He's enjoying it more than he appears to be here! He just wanted to turn his head to face the sea lion, and I didn't think he'd like a big whiskery, fishy kiss on the lips, so I was trying to keep his face to the camera. And I had to keep his arms down when he wanted to give it a hug too, so I was kind of wresting with him the whole time. But overall he was tickled, he keeps wanting to see the picture and make kissy noises at it.

Like mother, like son!

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beau, pub

there's a day of your life in your hands

I hate to say it, but I have almost lost interest in Glee. The last two episodes have alternated between boring and cringingly bad. I shouldn't be surprised, it's not like I'm not used to Ryan Murphy letting me down.

On the other hand, I've finally caught up on season 2 of 90120 and WOW! It's excellent, so far even better than last season. I love it! I tried to watch the new Melrose Place too, but found it too OTT to stomach. I stopped watching the original MP in the last few seasons because it just got too silly and it looks like the new one picks up where those left off.

Having a hard time getting into Survivor this season, but that's more my fault than the show's, I keep trying to watch it at times where it doesn't have my full attention.

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now he can do this, do you think that you could?

Figures, I actually wrote this post last night & LJ was down!

I really need to get my child a punching bag. He gets so frustrated so easily right now, maybe if he had something he was encouraged to hit, he could work some of that out.

I have no idea what he is going to be for Halloween. He is so not into dressing up, he just doesn't want to wear anything that's not his normal clothes. I saw this & thought he might wear it because it's Thomas and not really going to impede his movement

It's actually much shorter than it looks, it only went a bit below Cash's waist. It really was just like a vest. They had it at Toys R Us yesterday, and he liked it, so I put it on him. After about two minutes he started pulling at it and shaking his head no. It's made of foam so it's kind of stiff and the collar probably wasn't very comfy.

I am thinking maybe he can just wear a Thomas t-shirt and jeans and like...a bandana or something. He's just not a costume kind of guy. I can't even get him to keep a hat on for longer than a few seconds.

Actually I have a t-shirt from last year that he could wear, it's orange and says THIS IS MY COSTUME. Ha, that'd be about the right attitude for him.

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Corn Flaky

Boy howdy, Cash cutting back on naps has severely cut into my ability to write posts. If I don't do them during the day and just finish at night, they don't get done because by the time he goes to bed it's after 10 and I have too much to catch up on reading to write anything.

Anyone watching the new Survivor?

When does Lost start again?

I love how when Cash & I go outside in the evenings now, he looks up and says "MOOOOON!" then jumps up to try to catch it. Complete with UNGH sound effects. Watching him last night, I got all teary eyed hoping that he never stops believing he can.

He has continued to put the terrible in terrible 2s this week, though not as bad as last week. Thankfully, we have a pretty low key week planned and nowhere we have to be, so it's enabling me to work with him and his moody moods.

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